Arlington Ruby

We are a fortnightly meetup that sometimes talks about Ruby. Topics are usually Ruby-related, but not always. Most of our members write Ruby code, but not all of them.

We also like to hang out at Northside Social.

You should come hang out.


We're often on the DCTech Slack, channel #arlingtonruby

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Upcoming Events


One day unconference covering all things Ruby on March 11, 2017. More at

Ruby for Good

You can now register for Ruby for good! Learn more about the event at



Arlington Ruby wants you and the community to grow so we've built a program to do just that.

Our mentorship program is invite only. That means you have to know someone to get in. More precisely someone has to know you, which means you need to be involved in the community.

Here's how it works:

For 6 months the expectations are:

  • The mentor and mentee will meet at least once weekly
  • The mentor and mentee will meet in person at least once monthly

When 6 months is over, the mentee is expected to:

  • Give a full presentation at a local relevant group (Perhaps at Arlington Ruby)
  • Find another person whom you think will benefit from the program and suggest a mentorship
  • For 3 months following, be a greeter at Arlington Ruby meetings by finding new people and introducing them to others

Your full commitment is for 9 months although you may continue in a new mentorship with another mentor after your 6 month commitment.

This is designed to help grow your skills and grow the community. It is designed for developers at any level. What you do and learn in the course of your mentorship is up to you so take advantage of it.

Mentorship relationships are suggested by mentors for other mentors/mentees to start. For example, if Allison thinks Brad could use a mentor, it's her job to suggest one but she can't do it herself. This helps us ensure that the community stay connected and get to know each other.